In the Name of Allah Who is most beneficent and merciful.Subject: Request for Fund raising/Donation to help deserving newlyweds.

Imam Khomeini Trust seeks some donors and requests private and government organizations to donate money for the noble cause of mass marriages. IK Trust appeals for your financial co-operation to purse this noble task at Mass Level.

Imam Khumeini Trust have been Sponsoring Mass Marriages Ceremony since 2003 and almost three thousands marriages are being conducted till present. The mass marriages program aims to help poor and deserving Individuals in pursuing their lives by establishing their families in the community.

Process: Following steps are followed in the Mass Marriage Program.

v Deserving applicants submit their application.

v After complete process of verification, applicants are short listed.

v Final date, day and venue of the marriage is announced.

IK trust organizes mass marriages in two ways:

First way: IK trust give dowry and donations to deserving applicants of marriages and the applicants organize their marriages themselves.

Second way: IK trusts organizes an annual mass marriages ceremony in which maximum 50 and minimum 25 couples get married. This event is followed by Nikkah recitation and Lunch for guests of brides & grooms and dowry of essential home appliances and items of basic life is presented on the ocassion. There is no class , cast , creed and sect and religion difference in this noble cause. IK Trust supports humanity and beliefs in Equality and fraternity.

Estimated Cost per Marriage : Estimated cost of per marriage of a couple is PKR 80,000 to1,0000. It covers all basic items to start a home like two beds, furniture, Kitchen appliances and wedding feast.

For queries and details you may visit website of IK trust

IK trust expects good affiliations from donors, applicants and common men of the society.



Title: Imam Khomeini Trust

Account No. 12570009955703

Branch code: 1257 

IBN: IBAN PK71 HABB0012570009955703 

Swift Code: HABBPKKA 



26 Mass Marriages in Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan  (dated 02 June 2015).



26 Mass Marriages in Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan (dated 30 April 2015).



26 Mass Marriages in Ada sheikhan chiniot District Jang Pakistan (dated 26 April 2015).


 (Note- Click for larger view)

Mass Marriages in  Muzaffarabad Azad Kahmir (1st time)

Mass Marriages in  Muzaffarabad Azad Kahmir (2nd time)


Mass Marriages in Kath Garh District Daira Ismail Khan.

Mass Marriages in  Baghah Azad Kahmir (1st time)

Mass Marriages in Mari Indus Mianwali Pakistan.





Imam Khomeini Trust no specific religion or sect,  from all needy  have mass weddings. Their welfare has been included in the non-religious people. Christian couples whohave been involved in mass weddings.You can view their photos.

Mass Marriages in  District Daira Ismail Khan.

Mass Marriages in  District Daira Raheem Yar Khan.

Mass Marriages in  District Muzaffar Garh.

 Christian couples who havebeen involved in massweddings.


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