Imam Khomeini Trust Mianwali is a Muti purpose organization who is focusing and targeting the needy people in underprivileged areas of all over the country without any discrimination of religion and sect, caste and creed. Our mission is to follow the true spirit of Islam “to Serve the Humanity” without any discrimination.

Under the supervision of this trust, we are taking part in Nation Building via Education, Health Services, Water Supply, Employment Schemes, Guardianship of Widows and Orphan, to help the affected people of Adversities i.e earthquake, Flood etc.


Jamiah Khomeini was established in 1982 which was later on converted into Imam Khomeini Trust(R), is the major social service provider institution of Pakistan. There are a number of institutions who are working under the supervision of Imam Khomeini Trust(R) in following fields.


Training and Education




Health Services


Public service


Printing and Publications




Education is the backbone of every civilized society. This is actually the key of success to every Nation. Imam Khomeini Trust(R) understands the significance of education in present era with modern trends and innovations including special focus on the education of women. By keeping this fact in view, IKT put this department on top in its priority list. IKT divided this Department into three sections


Department of Religious Education


Modern Education


Technical Education


Department of Religious Education:


Under this department, IKT established religious institutions for Male and Female separately in all over the country. We are also educating the students with modern trends so that they can move on according to the new trends of the era. These Madaris for male students are following;


Jamiah Imam Khomeini, Mari Indus:


This institute is situated in Mari Indus Mianwali, raised in 1982. The passing out Students of this Institute are now getting higher education in Qoom, Mashhad, Damacus and Najaf Ashraf. A big number of remaining is serving as Khateeb or Teacher in various parts of country.


Every year, after middle and Matriculation examinations, this institute offers short courses for students on religion.


Islamic Center, Mianwali City:


In 1995, an institute with name Islamic Center was constituted in Mianwali. The aim of this center is to guide and train the college students and employees of different institutions and organizations about the true spirit of religion.


Markaz Muhiban-e-Qamer-e-bni Hashim, Klor kot:


To enlighten the momineen and Sadaat families and help them in various fields of life, with the school of thought of Ahl.e.Bait As, IKT established this institute in Kalor kot, Bhakar. Presently there are almost 50 students who are enlightening their lives with the knowledge of Mohammad SAWS o Al-e-Mohammad AS. About 100 Islamic Centers in Bhakkar are working under the umbrella of this institute. IKT is also contributing its social services for the people of this area through this center.


Jamiah Imam-ul-Al-Asar, Adda Sheikhen:


This religious institute was established in 1992 at Adda Sheikhen, district Chinoit. A glorious Mosque was built here. This mosque is the center of education and religious practice for hundreds of momineen and youngsters of the area.


Jamiah Imam Sadiq AS, Chotti Zareeh:


On the holy name of Imam Jafar Sadiq As, this institute Jamiah Imam Sadiq is working for the preaching and educating the people on Fiqah e Jaffriaya in Chotti Zareeh, Dera Ismaeel Khan. There is a big number of Momineen in this and adjacent areas i.e( Pachad, tehsil Jampur, District Rajinpur). This religious institute is very much significant for the social services of IKT.


Jamiah Imam Hasan Mujtabah AS, Zahirpeer:


This Jamiah is located in a famous district of west Punjab Rahim Yaar Khan. Jamiah is contributing day and night for the preaching and teaching of education of Aymah-e-Tehreen.


Jamiah Imam-Raza AS Complex, Chowk Azam, Layyah:


This Jamiah is under constructions. With the kind help of kind people, the complex of a beautiful and glorious mosque Imam Raza As is completed. A big number of students and people are offing prayers and getting the religious education. This complex will contain three more institutes; Rizvia Institute, Madrasa Al Jawad for Quran and Training Center for Teachers. These three are under the process of construction.


Jamiah Imam-Hadi AS, Chowk Sarwar Shaheed:


This Jamiah is also well contribution in the services of religion. Imam Hadi As Mosque is completed in this complex where the Imam Masjid is also appointed and youngsters are getting their Islamic education.


Jamaiyat for Ladies:


Jamiah Syedda Khadija-tul-Kubra SA :


To empower the women and enlighten them with the true spirit of Islamic code of conduct, this Jamiah Syeda Khadija-Tul-Kubra was established in 1993 at Pakki Shah Mardan, Mianwali. This Jamiah is distinguished as this is ever 1st Jamiah of Pakistan for women. Most of the qualified and degree holders of this Jamiah are teaching in various institutions of country. Currently, almost 200 daughters of Islam are enlightening their lives with the preaching of Islam.


As per curriculum this Jamiah offers Mubaligha (one year), Alimah (two years) and Fazilah (two years) degree programs.


Khadija-Tul-Kubra SA Academy :


This academy is situated in Dhok Jamal Din, Rawat, District Rawalpindi. This academy is positively contributing not only for Rawalpindi but for the literary class of Federal Capital, Islamabad.


Jamiah Masoma-e-Qoom SA, Chowk Azam :


This Jamiah was raised in 2013 in the premises of Imam Raza AS complex Chowk Azam, Layyah. This Jamiah is so far limited to two rooms. Its actual structure is consists of 14 rooms and four walls. This uncomplete building is looking for the kind help of Momineen who can complete it and get reward from Bibi Syedah SA. Presently, about 50 daughters of Islam are enlightening their lives in this Jamiah.


Jamiah Faiz al-Batool, Athwal :


This Jamiah is located in Athwal Town, District Toba Tek Singh and spreading its blessings for the females of the area.


Department of Modern Education:


Imam Khomeini Trust understands the significance of modern education and focusing on new skills and trends of educating the students. Some efforts in this regard are following;


Indus Model Girls High School:


This is the only school of the union where more than 950 girls are benefitting. Unfortunately, now any private or government school is here except Indus Model Girls High School.


Indus Model Boys High School:


About 450 male students are the part of this school. This is pleasure to share that Punjab Government appreciated the stander of education a lot and added this institute under the supervision of Punjab Education Foundation.


Al Khadija Degree college for Women:


This college is most significant among all. Mari Indus is located 50 km far from Mianwali and most deserving from the point of view of educational facilities. By keeping this need in view, IKT aimed to establish a degree college for women. It was raised in 2010 and located in a house of four rooms. Thanks to Almighty now it is spread on 24 kanals. About 300 students are benefitting from here in various degree programs including FA, F.Sc (Pre medical/ Pre Engineering), ICS, BA, B.Sc and now we started Masters classes in various subjects as well.


Hostel for Male/female Students:


We are providing free hostel services for the students who belongs to far areas and eager to get education. Their boarding lodging and short Islamic courses are free.


Educational Scholarships:


IKT is awarding the scholarships to the bright student at its own without any help. There are a big number of deprived students who want to get education but they cannot. We received thousands of applications every year but unfortunately our resources are limited. Right now we are issuing 410 educational scholarships for the students. In Kalorkot Bhakkar, we are providing 200 scholarships to the deserving students of Sadaat families. So far IKT award thousands of educational scholarships to various students in the country.


Department of Technical Education:


To educate the new generation with the technical education and and empower them to face the new challenges and new inclinations of Information Technology, Imam Khomeini Trust introduced the following technical institutes in various cities;


Al-Noor IT Institute:


This institute was raised in 1997. It is serving for the students of IKT and other private students. Presently, this institute is offering 8 various IT courses.


Syedah Narjis Khatoon SA Computer Center:


This institute was specifically raised for the women in January2004. Hundreds of female students are benefiting every year.


Syedah Khadija Kubrah SA Vocational Center:


This is center is situated in the premises of Jamiah Syedah, Pakki Shah Mardan. A big number of females are benefitting from it.




Health is the basic unit of very society. Only healthy Nations can walk with new horizons. This is no doubt most important and significant part of every civilization. IKT is contributing actively in this filed as following;


Al-Mehdi AS Hospital, Pakki Shah Mardan:


This hospital was established under the umbrella of IKT on 12th June, 1997. Major aim of this hospital is to provide health servies to poor and needy people for free or on lowest price. Right now, Al-Mehdi AS Hospital providing best health services at the door step of people of area. It includes following department;


General OPD,


Dental Unit


Child Clinic


Al-Huda Maternity Center


General Surgery


Eyes Surgery


Neuro Surgery


Shah Mardan Clinical laboratory


X-rays Center


ECG Center


Ultra Sound


Operation Theater


Bed Wards


Ambulance Service


24 Hours Emergency Services


Ain Ullah Eye Clinic:


This Clinic was established in Al-Mehdi AS hospital for their best treatment including surgery of Eyes. In Ain Ullah clinic, about 100 patients benefitting from free eye checkup facilities and 20-25 operated via Phaco-Machine on every Friday. Services of Ain Ullah hospital are now extended to various districts of Punjab, Khayber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jamu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan by organizing free camps.


Medical Camps:


IKT organized countless medical camps in various parts of countries during past few years. Patients are not only treated at the spot but they also referred for further treatment if needed and IKT aid them financially for non-affording people


Zainabiah Breast Cancer Screening Center:


By keeping in view the ratio of women health issues in the area of Mianwali this institute was established in collaboration with World Federation UK. This center is successfully offering it’s free of cost services for the screening, assessment and diagnosis of breast cancer among women. Last year it helps 2750 women for screening, assessment and diagnosis.


Zainabiah Diagnostic Laboratory:


This lab is specifically established for the patients of Cancer. Here the cancer patients can benefit from free testing and screening services. Last year 1700 people took benefits of free services. This lab is also offering free diagnostic tests for other diseases.




During year 2011, on special directions of Chairman, a team of Imam Khomeini Trust visited Gilgit Baltistan. After long sessions with the local people and keeping their problems and needs in view, BWO was established and following institutes are working under the supervision of BWO, IKT;


Education Program:


IKT established an English medium school in Baltistan name “Al-Noor Public School” and a computer center for women with name of “Al-Noor Computer Center”. Hundreds of students are taking benefit from both of institutes.


Public Health:


IKT established MCH centers in the buildings of trust in various parts of Baltistan. Here we are providing free medical checkup and medicines to public. Every year, group of 25-30 Doctors visit GB for a month to provide health services to people. Moreover, local management and NGOs arrange free medical camps throughout the year.


Vocational training Centers:


IKT raised 3 vocational training centers in different areas and also provide trained and skillful instructors along with equipment. These centers prepare various types of items i.e bedsheets, embroidered cloths etc. IKT sales those items in market and give earned money to ladies who prepare it. However more centers are the need of that area so that people can learn and earn their bread and butter in honorable way.




Preaching of religion is among the major aims of IKT. This is not only the need of hour but a real essence of life on earth. We established this department in 1984 and performing following duties in this regard;


Appoint of Ayma Juma-o-Jamat;


To promote the preaching of Ahl-e-Bait As and empower the Milat-e-Jaffariya, we appoint the Mubaligh and imam Juma-o-jamat on behalf of IKT in those Shia community areas where they do not have facility of Mubaligh or Imam Masjid. Right now, almost 160 permanent imam masjid are contributing in this department. We specifically focus the far, underdeveloped and ignored areas to provide services.


Establishment of Islamic Centers:


To educate young Shia generations with basic religious knowledge, IKT established Islamic centers in various cities, towns and villages of the country where countless Shia students are getting Islamic education.


Promotion of Azadari:


Azadari is sign of life, cause of existence and greatest source of religious preaching for us. We send Mubaligheen in deprived areas during Moharram, Safar and other days of mourn where they address to people about the fazaayal and Pains of Ahl-e-bait. We send them specifically in those areas where Momineen are not able to arrange Majalis and Azadari and they desperately wish for it.


Seminar & Conferences:


IKT arranges countless seminars and workshops in all over the country for the promotion of religious thoughts. The aim of this activity is to bridge the relationships with Sunni Ulema and evoke the spirit of religion in Momineen. Every year we arrange following programs; i.e Wahdat-e-Umat Conference, Seerat Conference, Azmat o Muwadat-e-Ahl-e-Bait Conference, Hafta-e-Wahdat, Ashra-e-biad-e-Imam-e-Umat, Jashan-e-Wilayat and Jashan-e-Musarat etc.





Through this department IKT worked a lot inside and outside the country to promote the preachings. Under this department, following services are going on;


Monthly Payam-e-Zainab SA


Weekly News Papers Aywan-e-Sadaqat (Islamabad)


Weekly News Papers Biyan-e-Sadaqat (Lahore)


Quarterly Majlah Al-Zahoor (Arbic)


Shareeka-tul-Hussain AS Publications (Pakki Shah Mardan)


Muntaha-e-Noor CD Cable Channel (Pakki Shah Mardan)




Monthly Payam-e-Zainab SA:


To educate the people specially women with the preaches of Aymah-e-Tehreen IKT started Payam-e-Zainab SA in November 1996. Currently its publication is up to 40 thousand and reaching in every corner of the country and other Countries as well.


Weekly News Papers Aywan-e-Sadaqat/Biyan-e-Sadaqat:


These two papers are published from Islamabad and Lahore simultaneously which carries the fact based news, views and columns for the public.


Muntaha-e-Noor CD Cable Channel (Pakki Shah Mardan):


The local and surrounding population of Mianwali is getting benefit from this channel. IKT arranges and on-air Majalis-e-Aza, Islamic and historic movies on this channel.




Health is the basic unit of very society. Only healthy Nations can walk with new horizons. This is no doubt most important and significant part of every civilization. IKT is contributing actively in this filed as following;


Water Supply:


There are so many areas in Pakistan who are deprived of clean drinking water. IKT arranged the water supplies in such areas after a concrete survey. As the souce of water is different in differ areas, IKT helping them accordingly;


Hand Pump Scheme:


People of some hilly and plain areas in Pakistan get fresh water through Hand Pumps. In this scheme, IKT provided 1300 hand pumps so far in poor areas, Mosques, homes, graveyards, Schools and bazars. It coasts with pond15, 000 to 25,000 on bank of river, 46,000 in plain fields and 55,000 in hilly areas.


Turbine Scheme:


Though Imam Khomeini Trust is always appreciated for its services but it was highly valued in all over the country for it scheme to provide water supply in Rajinpur, Jampur Tehsil Pchadh through turbines. IKT erected 27 turbines in small populations and villages so far. These turbines are operated by peters and solar energy. Each turbine in the area of Pachad cost 1 million.


Collective Marriages:


Poverty is creating a lot of problems for the parents of young girls. They cannot afford to arrange the ceremony of their marriage because of poverty. In this regard IKT is organizing collective marriage ceremonies in various districts of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit/Baltistan, Agencies i.e Kurram agency Para Chinnar throughout the year for Saadat, Non-Saadat Momineen, Needy, Orphans and kids of Shuhada. So far we have arranged 3760 collective marriages in all over the country and spent almost 80,000 on each couple including dowry.


Individualized Financial Help for Marriage:


Not only in collective marriages, IKT is individually providing financial as well as moral help to the deserving people, orphans and children of Shuhada for marriage. We provide 10,000 to 25,000 to each family to perform this obligation. Annually almost 1000 Saadat families are benefiting from this scheme.


Guardianship of Orphans:


Imam Khomeini Trust, with the help of some kind people is safeguarding the orphans. We are providing educational scholarships, schools fee, books, uniforms and other possible services to them so that they may earn good status in society without the sense of deprivation.


Distribution of Dresses:


Every year, before Eid-ul-Fiter, Imam Khomeini Trust distributes the Eid dresses among Syed, Non-Syed and deserving families of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. We are practicing this since 15 years.


Distribution of Groceries:


Every year, in the month of Ramadan, Imam Khomeini Trust distributes the groceries among Sadat, Non-Syed and deserving families in several districts. Remember that, to outreach the poor people and arrange groceries for them at their doorsteps is the Sunnah and most favorite act of our Aymah-e-Tehreen AS. In district Mianwali, almost 100, district DI Khan 80 and in Bhakkar there are 120 Saadat families who are most deserving. IKT is taking care of them.


Employment Schemes:


Unemployment is a global issue. Unfortunately, Pakistan is also a victim of this problem and fighting with this monster since long. Imam Khummeini Trust has provided the best employment opportunities to hundreds of deprived families. In this regard, small resources of earning and employment i.e. Auto Carriage, Cargo, Hand Carriage, Tucks shop, Welding Plant, Electric Goods, Sewing Machine, Embroidery Machine, other small business and Home Industry Equipment are provided to the people.


Sewing Machine Scheme:


Under this scheme, IKT train widow, orphaned girls and needy women and provide them sewing machines so that they may earn honorably.


Micro Finance Project for families of Shuhada:


In 2014, to provide the better employment to the families of Dera Ismail Khan, IKT started micro finance project. Under this scheme almost 80 widows of shuhada were trained free of cost and IKT provide them machines as well. Now they are earning their living in honorable way at their places.


Construction id Mosque & Imam Bargah:


Most of Shia population is living in villages and they are spending their lives under the poverty line. They cannot afford to build, re-build, renovate mosques and Imam Bargah to continue and perform Azadari. In this regard, IKT constructed and renovated more than 100 mosques and Imama Bargahs in Mianwali, Layyah, Jhang, Bhakkarm Dera Islamil Khan, Rajanpur and Azad Kashmir.


Construction of Toilets:


Piety is the glory of religion. Only a purified body can perform all religious segments in better way. In this regard, the toilets and washrooms are the integral part of a home. IKT has research in all over the country and constructed hundreds toilets in remote and far areas, especially for the female.


IKT SERVICES IN ADVERSITIES (earthquake in AJK & Flood in 2010):


IKT always offer its services in adversities in Pakistan. We always try to help the affected people and to aid in the process of their rehabilitation. During earthquake in AJK & Flood in 2010, IKT provided almost 1000 kg rice and food to 2000 affected people in a week. 2000 drinking water bottles, 9,550 grocery packets were distributed. Moreover we provided medical services in more than 35 flood affected areas for people. IKT constructed 900 houses of flood victims and 300 repaired.




To continue all these activities, Imam Khomeini Trust needs your help. If you are following any of Mujtahid, for Sehm-e-Imam, Sehm-e-Saadat, Zakawat, Fitrah, Khaal, Qurbani, Sadqaat and for donation we have the permission of all Mujtahdeen. You many check its copy of written permission from Mujtahideen on www.iktrust.org


If you want to donate for some specific purpose you may contribute for Modern Education, Religious Education, Monthly/Annual Educational Scholarships, Guardianship of Orphans, Help of Widows, Help of Flood Victims Through House Construction, Construction of Imam Bargah, Religious Institutes & Mosques, Employment Schemes, Water Supply Scheme, Collective Marriages & Promotion & Preaching of Ahl-E-Bait Donation for Books, Help for Payam-E-Zainab and other Publication, Training of Teachers (Mubalgheen), Al-Mehdi As Hospital, Free Medical Camps, Short Courses, Technical Courses, Vocational Training institute and others in our online accounts.


Account Information:


1-Account Name: Imam Khomeini Trust


Account Number: 0058148131001382


Muslim Commercial Bank, Gullan Khel, District Mianwali


2- Account Name: Imam Khomeini Trust


Account Number: 12570009955703


Habib Bank Limited, Kalabagh, District Mianwali

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