This great religious institution was in inaugurated in February 1993.

It attracts female Student from all over Pakistan

Currently 230 students are studying in different classes all these students enjoy free...


Messing Text books

Medical facilities.


Spoken English course

Computer Course

Senior students are taught computer skills.

After the completion of studies at this Jamia female students are sent to Qom Iran for higher education.

Academic Break-up of the Jamia syedda

The curricula I syllabus is prepared in view of the national needs and requirements. It consists on 4 terms and is properly printed.



Rudiments of religious.

(Fehm-i-Din)course which extends for 3 monthes)


Preachers course.

Mubblighah Course) of the duration of one year.



(Course of the two Years duration)


Aalimah Course

Course of the two Years duration)

The following point highlights the lofty and splendid future of the Jamia.

500 female students have completed their religious education.

5l female students have successfully completed the course of "Dars-i- Nizami"

47 female students have been sent to Iran for higher education.

25 female students have returned form Iran after successfully completing their higher Islamic education.

37 female students are doing their teaching and administrative services at higher level an different educational institution.

300 female students have participated in the 3 month short course.

There has been helding a short course .of primary religious education, training and for character building regularly for 5 year.

A "Jashan-i-Musarrat" function .on Pakistan level has been continuously helding for 2 years.

130 female students are extending their preaching services in the district from last five years.

At 60 different places the preaching activities are held continuously through female Students every year.

120 female students have successfully completed the" Mubaligha" course of one year duration.

140 female students have successfully completed a 2 year course of Fazilla" equal to M.A Arabic and M.A Islamic from this Jamia.

Special preaching missions are sent to various locations of Punjab Azad Kashmir and Baluchistan by Jamia Syedda Khadija-tul-Kubra (S.A). They consist of students as well as teachers. The missionary is redoubled during Shaban, Ramadan Muharram and Safer. Thousands of women utilized this scheme -very much.

New Hostel for students.

As this Jamia is popular all over the country, our present residential setup is insufficient, we have to construct an other hostel for those 500 new candidates, whose applications are waiting to be accepted.



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