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The association of social welfare came in to being on 20th June 1988 1n result of the efforts put up by same kind hearted people of the area. The founder of social welfare are Syed Wajid Ali Shah,Syed Tahir Shah ,Malik Qamar Raza,Malik Gulam Raza,Malik Ramzan.

Social Welfare Association got registered on 12th October 1991 from the department of social welfare government of Punjab and the registration number is DDSW (SGD) 91/159.Afterwards a famous social figure Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi accepted the supervision of the social welfare association. Under the custody of social welfare association, a free dispensary got started serving.

Member of Social Welfare Association Pakki Shah Maradan.

Patron,                                      Allama Syed Ifikthar Hussain Naqvi

President,                                 Syed Qamar Shah

Vice president (1)                      Syed Intisar Mahdi

Vice president (2)                      Dr. Sarwar Ali

Secretary Finance                     Syed Ibrar Hussain

Information Sectary                  Syed Zahid Abbas

Aims Objectives of Almahdi Hospital.

By keeping in view all above started objectives, Al Mahdi hospital came in to being because of the head governance of social welfare association Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi.The main objective of hospital was to provide basic health facilities to the poor people of the society, the hospital started with a small building of 4 rooms in three canal area,Dr Syed Zaki-ul-Hasnain was selected as the first medical officer of the hospital.After him Dr. Hadayat Hussain was elected as medical officer, Afterwards from march 2000 to today Dr. Sarwer Ali Al Mahdi  Hospital is joining as the medical officer and in charge of the hospital will be progressing more in future in teams of advancement.


In the beginning these was facility of OPD only, any ways due to untiring efforts of and staff, the doctors, result of people increased on the hospital. Now the Almahdi Hospital is providing health services in these departments.


1-    General OPD

In hospital qualified MBBS doctors are available for all emergencies, for 24 houses, Para medical staff is always available at service of patients.


2-    2-Aein Ullah Eye Clinic

In this area there was no eye clinic for patients and because of this reason people were facing many problems so because efforts of social welfare association in annually 2006 Ain Ullah Eye clinic started working in which Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Asif Eye Specialist, Dr. Nusrat Ullah Khan Niazi and Dr. Sajid Khan Niazi provide free services on every Friday in every month 250- 300 patients get treatments from here and almost 10 Patient get operated through Feko machine. The World Federation U.K provided cooperation in establishment of this clinic.


3-Dental Clinic

For the treatment of dental diseases, a dental clinic was also established where refilling of teeth is done along with examination of other dental problems.


4-Al Huda MCH Centre.

There was a lack of health facilities in this area for the ladies and children. So in this connection a maturity centre was also established where a qualified LHV and a mid wife are serving. In this centre pregnant women get facility of examination family planning, Convulsions injection and health care vaccination for the kind are also available almost 300 -400 female patients get treatment from this centre.


5- General Surgery

An operation theatre is also established in Al-Mahdi hospital where a famous surgeon of Miwanwali Dr. Gulamah Hussnain comes for the cheek up of patient and the operation are also done while emergency operation facility is also provided, this operation theatre was build in 2005and every month more than ten patients get operated here.


6-Clinical Lab

The clinical lab was established in Al Mahdi hospital in January 2003.here advanced machine are used for the blood and sugar tests. In 2006 lab was upgraded with the cooperation of Dr. Ajmal Naqvi who is need of cardiology department in Sheikh Zahid hospital. An analyze 300 patients are tested here in every month.



With the cooperation of MPA Mr. Hameed Hyat Khan the faculty of x-ray was provided to December 2006, before this centre these was no such facility available in this area.Monthly, 100 patients avail this facility.



A very chronic issue for the cardiac patient of this area was the absence of ECG machine here and the patient’s had to go to Mianwali for cheek up. A rich person of Karachi Mr.Mustafa Gokal donated an ECG to the patients of this area.ECG facility is available for 24 hours houses and almost 50 patients avail this facility of ECG. 


9- Ultra Sound

 In Almahdi hospital the facility of ultra sound is also provided and red cherecent society of Islamic Republic of Iran donated this facility to the centre.


10-20 Bed Ward

To provide the complete health faculty to the patients of this area. There was no ward in the hospital so by keeping this important need in mind a ward of 20 beds was established in Al Mahdi hospital where Pakistan got admitted of they needed.


11-Child Clinic.

The health of children is really very important so by realizing the importance of this need a child clinic was established here in 2008.Here the services of child specialist of PIMS Dr. Khalid Mehmood Tabush was takes who weekly serve the centre.


12-Ambulance Services

In this area the facility of ambulance was not available to shift the patients, in emergency the Patient were to be shifted to shifted to Mianwali.By realizing the need of ambulance Aulad Raza Siahk Karachi provided ambulance to this hospital which did not shifted patients to hospital only rather in accidents patients are shifted to Islamabad and Lahore.


13-Neuro Surgery

There was no facility of neuro surgery here in Mianwali and the patients led to more towards cities where due to expenses and traffic useless the patients were facing many useless and in this condition the poor people could not get neuro surgery, by realizing the need of neuro surgery of Lahore Mr.Malik Sajjad Hussain started this hospital twice a month and perform neuro surgery of the patients.


14-Free Medical Camp

Almahdi Hospital has set a new trend in this area by establishing free medical camp. In pakki Shah Mardan in these camps different expert doctors are invited from all over the country. At this time free medical camp are established here and there details are as under.


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