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In the Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate


Dated: 10th August 2010


Subject: IKT Flood Relief Services Summary from 3 August to 07 September 2010


Respected Brother in Faith


Assalam O Alaikum:


IKT is rendering its multidimensional Flood Relief services from the first day of disaster in the area. As very brief note we see that IKT has provided the services like Food Supply, shifting from affected area to safe locations, substitute residences for affected one, Medical Facilities, Provision of various edibles, Tent Supply, Iftaar for flood affected and Hard Cash provision for affected propels in the area.


We also can see some details of above mentioned as below.


  • 2000 food packets and mineral water was provided to the flood affected peoples of old Mari City for initial then days.
  • 2000 Mineral Water bottles were delivered among flood affected in Tehsil Mianwali and Tehsil Essa Khel of District Mianwali.
  • Many Women, children and old persons were rescued in the dangerous area of Mari City and Wanda Kukran Wala by Tractor during flood peak days.
  • 50 families of flood affected were provided residential facilities with food at Jamia Imam Khomeini at Mari Indus.
  • Flood affected women were provided with residential and food facilities at Jamia Syeda Khadija tul Kurbra Paki Shah Mardan.
  • Free Medical Camp was launched for 15 days at Old Mari City where 1.5 ton medicines were provided, ambulance service was also available from Al-Mahdi Free Hospital Paki Shah Mardan.
  • Many affected peoples were carried to big cities hospital during flood days by free Ambulance Service provided by Al-Mahdi Free Hospital.
  • Edibles were carried for the flood affected peoples of Wanda Kukran wala after 3 hours hilly region journey of IKT Relief Team
  •  IKT Flood Relief Teams visited the remote affected areas of Tehsil Essa Khel like Maher Shah Wali, Janti Wala, Karlee, Samand Wala, Chak Sarkar Muhammad Wala, Baloochi Khailanwala Wanda, Salab Colony, Aalam Khan Wala, Wanda Utran Wala, Maddad Wala, Kamianwal Wanda, Kalabagh, Kukran Wala Wanda, Trag, Cheena Pora, Baho Sadat, Kacha Kamar Mushani and survey abut the real problem and make arrangement for their solid solutions.
  • All the above mentioned villages of Tehsil Essa Khel were also provided with Dry Edibles accessories and Medical Teams were sent for their instant relief.
  • IKT Flood Relief Teams visited the remote affected areas of Tehsil Mianwali like Daud Khel, Moch, Sultan Wala, Rokhery, Mari City, Watta Khel, Dher Umaid Ali Shah, Muqarab Wala, Shammi Wala, Daraz Wala, Hayat Khel, Noor Khel, Norranga Sadat, Kot Balian, Basti Gul Muhammad Shah and Pakki Shah Mardan and survey abut the real problem and make arrangement for their solid solutions.
  • All the above mentioned villages of Tehsil Mianwali were also provided with Dry Edibles accessories and Medical Teams were sent for their instant relief.
  • IKT Flood Relief Teams Visited the Flood affected areas out side of Punjab like Dera Ismael Khan (Khayber Pakhtoon Khawa Province) arease like, Wanda Khaliq Shah, Thatta Baloochan, Basti Rehem Ali Shah, Chah Jafaranwala, Kathgarh Sadat, Saed Alian, Raza Abad, Jhoke Basharat, Kacha Mian Watta, Wanda Narkani, Mandran Kalan, Chah Chohaan, Azeem Khel Kachee, Wandee, Shahdaoe, Qazi Khooker, Saigree, Matwala Shah, Wanda Dost Ali, Mubarak Shah, Lang Kher Shah, Kachee Kathgarh, Wanda Arraian Wala, Basti Siaal, Basti Dhiaal, Khaki Shareef, Moza Ameer Shah, Wanda Ameer Shah, Chah Machi Wala, Jhoke Mahdi Abad, Chah Nai Wala, Jafar Wala, Munder Chohan, Basti Sidra, Basti Mer Ali Khel, Chah Jaj Wala, Chah Mulana, Nizam Abad, Najaf Abad, Mochi Wala, Gora Wala, Zaman Khel, Pahar Pur City, Chah Kaneeri Wala, Chah Juma Wala, Basti Ali Abad, Wanda Shahbaz Khan, Moza Jara, Kot Khomeini, Puni Choora, Jhoke Ghamey Wali, Saggo Shamali, Saggo Junoobi, Kot Jai, Jano Khel, Mita Pur Kalan, Mita Pur Khord, Sardray Wala, Jabbar Wala, Dhalla, Ghoos Shah Shumali and Mohallah Shekhan and survey abut the real problems and make arrangement for their solid solutions.
  • All the above mentioned villages of DI Khan were twice provided with Dry Edibles accessories and Medical Teams were sent for their in time relief.
  • A medical relief team was sent to the Kacha area of Tehsil Darya Khan of District Bhaker, it examines the affected peoples and provided them with necessary medical facilities.
  • Flood affected areas of Tehsil Karoor and Tehsil Layyah, of District Layyah like Sahoo Wala, Karoor Thal, Janddi, Basaira, Wara Sohran, Shah Pur, Kot Lehgee Shah, Basti Shadoo Khan, Jaman Shah, Kot Sultan, Sarshata Thal, Lohanch Nashaibi, Bait Wasawa Shumali, Pahar Pur, Bhakri Ahmad Khan and Jhaker were also visited by IKT Medical and Food Teams, relief aids were distributed with cooperation of local public comities organized for this cause.
  • Heavily affected district of Punjab province like Muzafar Gharh, IKT Flood Relief Teams also visited its areas like Tehsil Ali Pur, Tehsil Jotoi and Tehsil Kot Adu. After complete survey local communities management committees were organized to conduct all relief activities. Jamia Imam Haddi of Choke Sarwar Shaheed was declared as Head Quarter of all relief activities, hundred of the affected families were provided with residential facilities at here.
  • Affect areas of district Muzafar Gharh like Basti Juflani, Mundda, Sahoo Wala, Baseera, Moondka, Qasba Gujraat and Basti Darkhana Wali were provided with dry edible accessories.
  •  Boat was arranged to rescue and provide food for entrapped peoples of Kot Adu City.
  • Dasterkhan of Imam Hassan Mujtaba (a.s) was organized for affected peoples of Kot Adu, it continued for 8 days, 500 to 1000 persons utilized it in their area.
  • When Access to the Dera Ghazi Khan become possible, link road opened, the welfare teams were sent to visit the damaged areas of district. They visited Tehsil Tonssa, Tehsil Jampur and Rojan areas. A Special EID Package containing 10 days food (an average of 5 person family) for the affected families, were delivered among 7000 families in the area.
  • 1500 suit cloth have been delivered among flood affected people of the area
  • 100 tents has been installed for home less people
  • 04 boats for navigational purpose are provided in affected areas.
  • 500 floor bags, of 10 Kg weight are also delivered among affected one
  • 10000 people’s iftaar arrangements were carried out in different areas of district Mianwali.
  • 300 packet of food accessories were distributed at Tehsil Khan Pur, Distt Rahim Yar Khan for affected families.
  • 700 food packets were distributed in District Sargodah and District Jhang.


Majority of the above mentioned welfare activities are carried out with the direct evolvement of Local Communities Committees of their areas. Its main reason is that only deserving and really affected peoples are facilitated.


Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi has specially organized a Flood Relief Committee under the leadership of Syed Intisar Mahdi Naqvi, the Managing Trustee of IKT. This special observatory committee is consisting of the following members from these districts of Punjab.


Member Name                                                                        District


Maulana Abdul Rauf Aabidi & Syed Mahdi Hassan           District DI Khan

Maulana Muhammad Ramzan Naeemi                                District Bhaker

Ghulam Qamber Imrani                                                         District Layyah

Maulana Mazaher Hussain Alivi                                          District Jhang

Maulana Ghulam Abbas Asgher                                           District Sargodha

Maulana Tariq Habib, Maulana Zameer Bukhari               District Rahim Yar Khan

Maulana Riaz Hussain Sajidi                                                District Muzafar Gharh

Shahwar Ali                                                                            Tehsil Kot Adu

Maulana Mukhtiar Hussain Mazloom                                 District DG Khan

Maulana Altaf Hussain Kalachi                                            Tehsil Tonssa

Maulana Musa Raza Jaskaani                                             District Rajan Pur

Maulana Ghulam Baqir & Maulana Bashir Hussain          District Tank

Willayat Ali                                                                            Gilgit Baltistan


IKT Flood Relief Teams are continuously surveying the affected areas and getting filled the informational form for each locality.  It’s the unique feature of our Trust, that we combine the different working groups and then start flood relief work in any area. Like a good reference, following organization keep paced with our Trust Activities in flood relief tasks,


  • Zahra Academy Karachi
  • Imam Bargah Rizvia DG Khan
  • Babul-Qom, Tonssa
  • Jamia-tul-Shia, Kot Adu
  • Jamia-tul-Mufeed, Muzafar Gharh


It is our way of working that keep in touch with all working organization, with exchange of information to achieve better results. IKT Flood Relief Main Office is active day and night and continuously observing all concerned relief activities in the area.


Our Contacts and Offices are given below.


Main Office

Jamia Imam Khomeini Mari Indus                                  +92-301-8774512 , 300-6664552


Sub Offices

Jamia Syeda Khadija-tul-Kubra Paki Shah Mardan       +92-459-392984 , 0333-9838412

Muntahai-Noor Trust I-10/4, Islamabad                          +92-331-6767746 , 0333-6835636

Kashana Noor, D-26, Gulshan Ravi Lahore                    +92-333-4972255

Al-Aetmad Printing Press Data Market, Lahore             +92-42-37115774


Thanking you in anticipation.


Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi

Chairman IKT. Mari Indus Mianwali Pakistan

0092-333-5712255 , 459-392484  

Email. [email protected]  Website: www.iktrust.org




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